Automated Test Suite

Before testing your build on actual hardware, it is best to run the automated ChromiumOS test suite on your image. This will essentially boot your image into a virtual machine and perform a series of automated tests within that virtual machine. To perform the tests, we need to create a modified virtual machine image with the latest build of ChromiumOS. This is being done for the amd64-generic board so if you are building for a different board, adjust the board name accordingly. You will need to run the following commands in the ChromiumOS SDK.

Create the modified virtual machine image that will be used for the automated tests.

./ --board= --test_image

Run the smoke tests on the modified virtual machine.

cros_run_vm_test --board=amd64-generic --results-dir=results --autotest suite:smoke

The automated tests may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours complete depending on the specifications of your build machine. When the automated tests finish, your results will be stored in a directory called "results" in ~/trunk/src/scripts/. If you wish to access the results outside of the ChromiumOS SDK, you can do so by browsing to ~/Workspace/ChromiumOS/src/scripts/results/.

The virtual machine images are large and consume a lot of disk space, if you wish to reclaim disk space, run the following command to remove the image after the testing has finished.

rm -f /mnt/host/source/src/build/images/amd64-generic/latest/chromiumos_qemu*