Upstream ChromeOS Builds

If this section is empty, it indicates that the board is a generic board that the ChromiumOS team does not maintain upstream builds on or does not provide over-the-air (OTA) updates.

Stable Beta Dev Canary Devices Based on trogdor64

Devices Base On trogdor64

Manufacturer Model Codename Board Name Baseboard

trogdor64 Flags

USE="${USE} -tts -nacl"
USE="${USE} -tpm tpm2"
USE="${USE} trogdor64"
USE="${USE} -bootimage -coreboot"

Overlay Tree


├── metadata
│   └── layout.conf
├── profiles
│   └── base
│       ├── make.defaults
│       └── parent
└── toolchain.conf

3 directories, 4 files